Local Magician Wows Scottish Wedding Industry

Local Magician Wows Scottish Wedding Inustry

Cameron Young, better known as Cammy in even industry circles, has been nominated for his very first Confetti Award. In recognition of his ability to entertain and intrigue wedding guests with his Magician skills, Cameron was recently chosen to take part in the awards, by his very own audience.

After a turbulent 2020 and 2021, Young is one of the lucky finalists, having spent the past two years working hard to build his name as a top class entertainer. Young’s magic tricks captivate crowds and he has become one of the top performers in the Scottish wedding industry. Offering an unforgettable experience, the kind that makes any wedding a more unique event, Young is slowly changing the way that people think about event’s entertainment.

What are the Confetti Wedding Awards?

The Confetti Wedding Awards are in their 6th year. Designed to be an independent award giving ceremony, those who are nominated are chosen by the very people who have experienced their services: the public.

Once a shortlist of nominees has been decided, each is interviewed by a panel of industry experts, and from there, the awards are given out once the judging has been settled.

What’s so special about these awards is that it gives all entertainers an equal opportunity to be in the spotlight. The winners of this prestigious award get to call themselves Scotland’s Best!

Last year, the Confetti Wedding Awards took a hiatus, as the pandemic forced the awards to be put on hold. This year’s extra special event features a line-up of finalists which include a variety of interesting, and immensely talented, group of people.

The award categories for this year’s awards include the more conventional wedding industry players such as florists, caterers, and photographers, as well as a wide variety of entertainers, which are spilt into ceremony entertainers and reception entertainers.

Anyone can participate in the awards and the winners will be announced later on this month at a sparkling gala reception, where all of the major companies and those who are well-known in the wedding industry, will be in attendance.

The recognition of Cammy’s as a finalist for the Confetti Awards is just the start of his journey, and as his talent grows, Young is sure to become one of the UK’s biggest magical acts.

To book Cameron Young, or to find out more about the magic he can bring to your event, you can contact him via this website or via his mobile.


Local Magician Wows Scottish Wedding Industry